Should you invest in social media measurement tools?

On this episode, I look at whether you need to invest in paid social media measurement tools for your credit union.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to episode five of the senior social strategy podcast. This is your host, Jennifer Roland Cadiente. And I just wanted to jump on and do something relatively short and sweet. Since we’re deep in the holiday season, I’m going to talk a little bit about measurement tools, specifically, whether you need to invest in an expensive social media management and measurement tool, or you can use the tools that are built into each of the platforms.

So the most budget friendly, will be just using the analytics tools that are inside each platform. Because those are already part of your account, that you’re likely not paying for unless you’ve paid to be verified on any of these platforms. And they do a pretty good job, you know, they show you which posts have resonated with people, they show you who is interacting with your content, they’ll show you if your following has grown or shrunk and by how much. And that may be all that you need to know.

However, if you want to spend less time pulling all that together and get maybe some more powerful tools and you have the budget for it, then investing in a management and measurement tool could be a really great thing for you, you may get more specific analytics, you may get more than just like the most popular post, so that you can more easily track whether it’s a type of post or you know something about a particular post that just really resonated with your audience. And that type of information can be really helpful in planning your future content calendars. Now, if you have an agency managing your social media, it’s likely that they are investing in one of these tools. And, you know, so they spread that investment out over all of their clients that they’re working with. So they can give you some really detailed analytics.

If you want to use a tool, you know, what are what are some of the some of the ones you might be looking at. So we know there’s you know, there’s ⁠Hootsuite, there’s SproutSocial, there’s Reputation. There are a lot of tools out. There’s Brandwatch, ⁠⁠Buffer. And a lot of these, you know, they’ll let you schedule, as well as give you those analytics tools. I did test out one that I liked quite a bit earlier this year. It’s called Measure Studio⁠. And it does a really good job of pulling everything together and just really giving a well rounded look at at how your socials are performing. One thing that it does require is it requires you to get a specialized Twitter API subscription, which might be an additional cost, I did think feel like it was a really affordable tool. You know, compared to some of the others, it doesn’t have the scheduling though, it’s just the measurement. So you may also be wanting to use one of the scheduling tools.

Like everything else, it’s gonna come down to a combination of your budget, the time you have available, your level of comfort aggregating data, and what you enjoy. If you would rather just log into a dashboard and just see everything all done for you, then investing in a measurement tool is definitely what you want to do. If you don’t mind going in and being you know, looking at the Twitter data here and the Facebook data there, the Instagram data over there and pulling that into your own report. Then that can save you some money every month or every year depending on what kind of plan you schedule.

If you would like any further advice on what to measure how to measure let me know you can send me an email at or post a comment at the CU Social website or use the voice messaging tools to send me a voice question, and I will answer it in a future episode.

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season and we’ll be back with more episodes next year.